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Organized Files

If you're a lighting supplier or a designer you may be feeling the need to do some reading around the subject of Circular Economy. 

We're collating useful information we've found along the way such as guidelines, action plans, standards and more... 

Have a look below. If you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch directly. 


EGG Lighting / University of Strathclyde - Justification for remanufacture in the lighting industry

EU Commission - Energy labelling and ecodesign requirements

IALD - Position Paper on Circular Economy

ILP - Guidance Note 6 Retrofitting LED luminaires on existing lighting columns

LIA - How Circular Economy Policies are Impacting Lighting

LUCIA Compendium vol. 1 - Sustainable and Smart Urban Lighting

LIA TS41- Circular Economy: An Interim Guide

MDPI - Circular Economy Aspects Regarding LED Lighting Retrofit 

UKGBC - Circular Economy - Implementing Light as a Service in built assets

TM66 Society of Light & Lighting - Circular Economy Assessment Method 

Mindful Materials - Lighting Advocacy Letter & Toolkit

Zhaga White Paper - How Zhaga Addresses Sustainability & the Circular Economy

WIDER READING - Reports, Publications & Case Studies

Cradle 2 Cradle - Made for Tomorrow Innovation for Positive Future

Ellen Macarthur Foundation - Publications 

Critiques of The Circular Economy - Hervé Corvellec, Alison F. Stowell & Nils Johansson

European Commission - Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP)

LETI Climate Emergency Retrofit Guide -How existing homes can be adapted to meet UK climate targets

Product Design in a Circular Economy - Marcel C. den Hollander, Conny A. Bakker & Erik Jan Hultink

RIBA Plan for Use Guide 2021 - This Guide identifies activities required at each RIBA work-stage.

RIBA Sustainable Outcomes Guide 2019 - This guide will help you describe the DNA of a sustainable project.

Swedish Energy Agency - Increasing the lifespan of products

TuDelft University - Circular Economy: An Introduction (7 Week free course)

UKGBC - Circular Economy Guidance for Construction Clients:

UN Free Courses - Free sustainability courses from the United Nations

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